2024 Food Vendor Line Up



While we are Tex-Mex. Our menu is made up of a com­bi­na­tion of flavors, with recipes and ingre­di­ents from across New Mexico, Mexican border towns, the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas and, of course, Austin

Gran Arepa

A fluffycheese and corn treat

Gran Arepa “Originals” are made of sweet, tender, yellow corn with fresh mozzarella cheese in the middle. Enjoy your warm, fluffy and golden Gran Arepa in minutes

Inya’s Kitchen

Filipino Restaurant

Established in 2004 Bringing the taste of Philippines to the Orlando Area. Homestyle cooking, Gyros, Kebobs, Pita Specials

Flour Culture

Artisinal Bakery

Romanian mobile bakery based out of Sarasota,FL Home of CovriDogs, Sweet Fried Dough and Artisanal Bread Loafs

Red Panda Noodles

Asian Noodles

All of our noodles are made fresh daily in our kitchen. We use the finest ingredients and methods. A crowd favorite is our biang biang noodle – this hand-pulled, wide, long rustic noodle will satisfy all your big noodle fantasies. The wavy ribbon noodle everyone loves? That’s an extruded noodle.

Coconut Bar

Served In A Coconut

Locally Sourced

We work with locally grown coconuts and quality products, guaranteeing a real tropical taste! All our beverages are made from natural ingredients./td>

Deviant Wolf

Craft Beers & Wine

Deviant Wolfe Brewing was created by four friends, Matt, Shannon, Johnathan, and Kendall. Their passion for craft beer and the outdoors eventually led to Deviant Wolfe Brewing.

Jess’s Lemonade

Lemonades and Mocktails

Jess’s Lemonade is a Mobile Business, providing All Natural Fresh Squeezed Lemonades and Mocktails!

Little Lulu’s Italian Ice

Italian Ice

Autumn’s small batch refreshments quickly evolved into high-demand must haves at family and friend’s gatherings. An entrepreneur at heart with over 15 years of restaurant industry experience, she created Little Lulu’s All Natural Italian Ice.

Pure Joy
Shaved Ice

Do it yourself shaved ice with your choice of flavorings. Mix and match to create your favorite flavor

Food Vendors

Culinary Pleasures at the Culinary Arts Court

From appetizers to desserts, the festival is also a celebration of the culinary arts!

At the St. Johns River Festival of the Arts, the artistic process doesn’t just end with visual art demonstrations. As you feast your eyes on incredible art, don’t forget about your taste buds!  The Culinary Arts Court will feature a host of delicious recipes for our festival guests. Treat yourself to a variety of handcrafted and fresh international dishes inspired by different cultures.
Food Vendors Apecification:

Important: Food Vendor Requirements

No carnival type setup or food
Unique, hand-crafted food
Attractive booth setup and signage

No food trucks
No gas powered generators or other excessive noise
Able to fit within a 10×10 area (or close)

Please visit our online forms page to apply as a food vendor.