St Johns River Festival Of The Arts

The 14th Annual St. Johns River Festival of the Arts – A Fine Arts and Fine Crafts Event with artwork from some of the best in the country!

Join us as Sanford’s brick streets get transformed into an artist mecca.

See Art-in-Action from live artist demonstrations and create your own piece of artwork at workshops scheduled during the weekend. Enjoy gourmet food at our Culinary Arts Court and  listen to the unique sounds of acoustic</ performers.

A Fine Arts & Fine Crafts Event from some of the best artists in the country!

Come spend the day

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Saturday, April 12th – 10am-6pm
Sunday, April 13th – 10am-5pm

Historic Downtown Sanford, Florida

Edward Sanderson -2024 St Johns River Art Festival Poster Artist -

Edward Sanderson -2024 St Johns River Art Festival Poster Artist -

Edward Sanderson is a contemporary Impressionist who paints fleeting moments. His fearless use of color, combined with dynamic compositions creates images that are carefree and full of light. His loose, painterly technique, has earned him a following of collectors worldwide, seeking to acquire his captivating creations which command the viewers attention.

This Philadelphia born Artist who moved to Florida in 1971 at the age of five. Edward grew up as the youngest of four siblings all who possess creative talents. His Father, however, ultimately inspired Edward to become a Fine Arts Painter.

After pursuing Fine Arts at the University of Central Florida in 1984, he became a Portrait Artist at Walt Disney World where he captured the hearts of thousands of guests visiting the theme parks. After refining his skills for more than a decade, Edward soon realized his passion was more with painting landscapes, still life and florals.

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Edward SamuelsonIn 2001, he sadly lost his mother to cancer. After donating a painting to raise money for patients for the National Cancer Society. Edward decided to change his direction and focus more on Fine Art. In 2004, Edward entered into the Juried Art Festival Circuit where he quickly made his presence known to fellow artists as a force to be reckoned with. His very first Art Festival was a great success and by 2007, Edward was selling his creations to collectors worldwide.He captured the attention of Art Festival organizers, who recognized his unique style and has been selected the featured Poster Artist for Nationally Acclaimed Art Festivals including Winter Par, Celebration, Lake Mary-Heathrow, and Maitland. Edward won back-to-back commemorative competitions for both San Sebastian and Lakeridge Wineries, where his captivating art led to record sales for the Commemorative Wine Bottles.

Edward has made a name for himself with art collectors as an artist who fearlessly takes risks with his bold colors. His work evokes emotion while simultaneously capturing a carefree world full of light. In 2011, Edward came on board with Sam Flax Art and Design in Orlando. His expertise and eye for design led him to a fruitful and symbiotic relationship with the creative art store.

From Edward:

As the Custom Framing Manager of Sam Flax, I am immersed daily by beautiful art that I help clients procure and it is both rewarding and inspires me to paint new creations. I invite the viewer to look at life with appreciation… as no day is promised to anyone. To look for fleeting moments that can be gifts of beauty in a world that is sometimes tumultuous. Finding such gracious moments often found in ordinary places that we often take for granted. My paintings are interpretations of how I see the world and I love to use bold colors and unbridled brush strokes to capture such moments with little regard to realism. It doesn’t have to be a Rembrandt to enjoy it like a pillow. I prefer to paint what makes me happy as that is painting at its best.

In addition to daily immersion in an arts-oriented environment, Sanderson says his work is energized by his wife, Christi, “who inspires me to be a better artist and a better person.” The couple has two children: Emily, 15, and Edward Jr., 17.

You ou can visit Edward’s website to see his creations at:

A Sampling Of This Year's Artists