Event Information:   St. Johns River Festival of the Arts invites local chalk artists, students, children and groups to participate. 

Event Date & Time:  May 5, 2018 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 

Artists may check in and begin their artwork as early as 8:00 A.M. on Saturday at the registration booth, located at 1st Street & Oak Ave. (Please note that this location may change when it is determined where the chalk artists will be during the art festival.) We recommend that you do not continue chalking after festival hours. 

Block Sizes: 6x6:   Chalking areas will be announced in April when the formal layout of the festival is determined. We welcome professional and amateur artists, students & groups for participation.

Kids Art Area:   The art festival will designate an area for budding artists to create their own chalk art. This is for children attending the festival and must be accompanied by an adult. These artists will not compete for prize monies.

Exhibition Rules:   All artwork must be appropriate for public viewing by all ages. We request that you sign your artwork at the bottom of the image area. If reproducing another artists’ work we ask that you give credit to the original artist at the bottom of your image. Artists will be responsible for providing his/her own shade, chair or other protection from the elements. The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts Committee reserves the right to deem any image as inappropriate for viewing and the piece will be disqualified and removed from the pavement. You are encouraged to bring an umbrella and umbrella stand for your comfort.

Materials:   Artists will be provided with (1) box of soft pastels per block/space. 

Promotions:   The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts Committee reserves the right to take and use photographs at The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts for publicity and other purposes. By participating in The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts, artists allow the use of the images of their artwork created at The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts to be included during and after the event on The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts website (stjohnsriverartfest.com), social networking sites and other media promotions. Selected images from The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts will be used to promote future festivals. Participating artists may use The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts logo in any related communications. Artists may also use images of their participation in St. Johns River Festival of the Arts in their own promotional materials and communications.

Location: South side of First St. between Sanford Ave and Palmetto Ave.

Other Specs!   Plenty of water Portable wash bins will be close by for cleanup Groups are limited to 4 students on one block Security will be onsite throughout the entire weekend – day and night Artists must be onsite Saturday. 
Suggested Supplies:
· Hairspray (Aerosol)
· Clear plastic sheet and duct tape to cover your work overnight or in the event of light rain. (Shower curtain liners work well too.)
· Broom to clean off your area
· A pad to sit on while you work
· Eraser or paint brushes/rollers to blend or create your base layer
· Gloves to protect your fingers
· Baby wipes
· Knee pads
· Umbrella & chair for rest and relaxation around your art
· Sunscreen
· Business cards

Application Process:
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